Welcome to Leporidae!

Leporidae is a free to play online rabbit breeding and showing SIM. There are no downloads. Once you have an account, you can start buying virtual bunnies, raising litters, growing your herd, and competing against other players in an interactive online community!

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Choose Your Breeds

From Netherland Dwarfs to Giant Angoras, there are over 50 breeds to choose from on Leporidae. Pick the ones you like the best, or the ones that best suit your preferred gameplay style. Some breeds excel in meat production, others grow wool that can be harvested, and others are desirable as pets. Which ones will you choose for your herd?

Screenshot of various breeds.
Leporidae has many breeds from around the world. We do in-depth research and get feedback from real life breeders in order to properly represent each breed. Our site's breeds are mainly American-based, but we also include a few international breeds (and alternate styles of the same breed in some cases).

Coloradan Fold
In addition to realistic breeds, there are a few fictional ones that can only be found on leporidae. One of these is the Coloradan Fold, a laid back breed with partially folded ears.

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Realistic Genetics

Leporidae's biggest feature is a realistic Mendelian genetics system with genes and alleles that work like they would in real life. If you are looking for a fun way to learn rabbit genetics, Leporidae can be an engaging learning tool.

The system includes hidden modifiers, such as rufus and umbrus, and others that determine pattern (like in broken, dutch, tan, and agouti) and varying shades of color.

Screenshot of genetics system.
The breeding system can generate millions of color possibilities based on the parents' alleles and hidden modifiers, ensuring that litters always have the potential to contain new and unique bunnies!
Giant Angora Giant Angora
Both of the rabbits shown above are Chestnuts and are genetically A_ B_ C_ D_ E_, but they look slightly different due to hidden modifiers.

Because there is so much to do with colors on Leporidae, we include a lot of colors that may be rare or non-existent in some breeds, such as these Chestnut Giant Angoras.

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Pick of The Litter

Breeding rabbits will result in a newborn litter the next day! You can see them as newborns with varying skin tones. Try to guess which color they will be, look at their stats, and start to get an idea of who you might want to sell or keep.

Screenshot of newborn kits.
You can also view other players' litters and reserve the ones that are put up for sale.

Screenshot of month-old kits.
On the following day, your litter will be one month old and easier to identify. You can wait until this stage to pick your winners, or hold off until the next day.

It's all about watching your litters grow, seeing how they develop, and deciding when and who to pick!

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Compete in Shows

Once you've bred your best rabbits, there are plenty of ways to show them off! One way is to enter them into shows to compete against those of other players.

Official in-game shows are sponsored by Leporidae's own rabbit breeder's organization, the Global Show Rabbit Association (GSRA).

GSRA logo.

Through GSRA shows, rabbits are judged based on the GSRA breed standards. A distribution of points for each breed is used to determine which characteristics your rabbit should excel in. You will have to selectively breed to get the characteristics that are appropriate for each standard.

Your rabbit can win Best of Breed, Best in Show, and other titles when they can beat out the competition. Screenshot of show entry page.
You can also sanction a breed to earn points for the breed's club depending on how well it does in a show.

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Joining Clubs

Leporidae has official clubs for every breed, which can be joined by breeders and fanciers alike. Club members have access to exclussive forums, shops, and raffles. You can help unlock additional perks by sactioning your club's breed or donating funds.

Official breed clubs.
Clubs are a good way for breeders to come together, share ideas, and help improve to their breed and community.

Clubs made by players.
You can also join player-made clubs for other purposes! Anyone can start up and lead their own club, which have many of the same features as official ones (minus sactioning).

Interactive community banner

Interactive Community

Leporidae is a multiplayer game where you can meet, interact, and play alongside real people online! While the game can be played solo without ever interacting with others, many of our features involve multiplayer participation (such as buying, selling, and studding animals, item sales, competition in shows, leaderboards, and more).

A screenshot of the private messaging system.
Discuss sales, ask or answer questions, share ideas, and make friendss through chatting, forums, clubs, and private messaging!

Good deed point shop with items in it.
We encourage a friendly and helpful community. Through our Good Deed system, players are sometimes awarded points for contributing to a helpful and friendly environment, which can be used to buy rare in-game items.

Choose an Avatar banner

Choose an Avatar

Leporidae has many features to help personalize you and your account. One of them is the selection of avatars available. Avatars will appear on your profile and on the forums when interacting with other players.

Icon avatar of a black Tan rabbit.Icon avatar of a Thrianta rabbit (fire of the fancy). Icon avatar of a Snowshoe Hare.Icon avatar of a black Dutch rabbit.
There are many avatar icons to choose from, or you can use one that you made yourself.

Female human avatar with red wings and hair.Male human avatar with blue and green hair, black shirt, and blue jeans.Female human avatar with green and white gown.
You can also make yourself a human avatar. Pick your gender, skin color, and other features. Avatars can be dressed up any way you like using wearable items found around the site. Buy and sell clothes with other players, create your wardrobe, collect, and show off your own avatar design!

Organize a Rabbitry Banner

Organize a Rabbitry

On Leporidae, you have an entire virtual rabbitry to organize! From feeders and cages to entire buildings, there are lots of ways you can customize your rabbitry.

White shed with brown roof, frames, and door.Red barn with white roof, frames, and door.
Acquire buildings to keep your rabbits safe and happy! There are six types to choose from and lots of options for painting them.

Organize your rabbits inside your rabbitry.
Once you have your building, you can fill them with cages, hutches, or pens of your choosing. Each rabbit is housed individually (except for litters). Each housing unit can be equipped with various types of feeders, waterers, and more (including decoration items like flowers and stickers).