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Terms of Service
Last edited 4/29/18

COPYRIGHT NOTICE All content on is copyrighted. Redistributing or selling Leporidae artwork and coding without expressed written permission is punishable by law.

Reporting Policy
Any issues or disputes between players or regarding the site must be addressed through the Modbox within 3 months of the initial occurrence. Staff are not responsible for resolving problems that may have come up in the past later than 3 months ago if the incident was not reported to the Modbox within the 3 month timeframe.

Chat Rules:
In order ot keep the chat pleasant and worthwhile for everyone, there are a few rules you must follow.
1. Do not spam or flood the chat.
2. Do not beg for items, rabbits, money etc. (no asking for donations).
3. No whining or complaining.
4. No for sale or want ads. There are forums for that.
5. No bug reports. Please post bugs in the appropriate forum.
6. A few swears here and there are fine, as long as it keeps to a PG-13 rating.

Age Restriction
Severity: EXTREME
Explanation: Players must be 13 years of age or older to join and play Leporidae. Because of COPPA, we are legally obligated to remove any underaged players from the site. Do not ask staff for exceptions. It also applies if you live somewhere where the law is different. Result: Instant Ban (no warning)
Players found to be under the age of 13 will be banned immediately with no warning. If NO other rule violations were made, the underaged player is welcome to come back later when they are at least 13 years old. They may contact support to get their account unbanned when they are old enough to play. However, if the player was found to be registering multiple times in an attempt to sneak by staff, or breaking other rules, they are permanently banned.

Selling Accounts/Money/Items/Animals Etc.
Severity: MODERATE
Explanation: All virtual items, currency, animals, and accounts cannot be traded or sold for real life money, goods, or services. Staff will not be responsible for scams involving these sales, as they are prohibited.
Note: You may trade on-site currency for currency on other game sites as long as it is allowed with the other games rules. Giving away items, rabbits, and currency is also fine. We do not allow trading or giving away accounts, though.
Result: Warning, suspension, or ban (with or without warning).
Both parties found to be selling/buying their in-game possessions for real-life ones will be warned, suspended, or banned depending on the intent and severity of the offense. Same goes for the selling/trading of in-game items or currency with other sites that do not allow it.

Multiple Accounts
Severity: EXTREME
Explanation: Multiple accounts are not allowed under any circumstances. Each player may have one account only. No sharing or giving away accounts. Do not share passwords or emails with siblings, friends, or anyone else. If you would like to make a new account to start over, the new account must be a fresh slate, no transferring anything from the old account. Let staff know immediately if you are making a new account or have any account-related issues. The old ones will be banned to prevent further use. Result: Ban without warning.
Multiple accounts will be banned immediately without warning. Repeated offenses will result in all accounts being banned and a permanent ban on top of it.

Personal Information
Severity: MODERATE
Explanation: Do not post personal information anywhere publicly on the site. This includes putting your real name as your username, using your real rabbitry name or rabbitry prefix, or publicly posting any identifying information such as email, physical address, phone number, or city where you live. Also do not post real life rabbit/cavy prefixes as these can be looked up. This is to protect players from violent or destructive activism or other malicious intent from players or otherwise.
Note: You are welcome to share information over private messages, but Leporidae is not liable if problems occur as a result of giving your personal information away by private messages or offsite means.
Result: Notice, warnings, suspension, or ban.
If found, staff will remove personal information and provide the player with a notice (not a warning) if it was their own information being shared. Frequent or intentional repeat of the offense will result in real warnings and possibly suspensions or bans. Posting of another person?s personal information will result in immediate warnings and can result in suspension or ban if repeated.

Do Not Post Copyrighted Material
Severity: EXTREME
Explanation: We do not allow posting or use of material from unknown sources (such as photos found on google) or known sources without expressed, written permission from the copyright holder. This includes any photos, works of art, writing, code, or otherwise. Make sure to check whether material is copyrighted and fair use before posting!
Keep in mind that the ARBA Standard of Perfection is also copyrighted. Any content from the SOP (such as pictures, written content, even distribution of points) cannot be posted without permission.
Note: You are welcome to post Leporidae copyrighted content on-site. Feel free to create layouts, banners, graphics etc. It's perfectly fine to offer services to other players using our copyrighted content for in-game currency, as long as it doesn't leave the site.
Result: Notice, warning, suspension, or ban.
Accidental copyright infringement will result in removal of the content and a notice from staff. Repeated or intentional violation will result in warnings, suspension, or ban depending on the severity.

Keep It PG-13
Severity: EXTREME
Explanation: Keep interactions, pictures, and all other content appropriate for a PG-13 rating. No sexual content, excessive violence, or extreme swearing. A few swears here and there are fine, as long as it keeps to a PG-13 rating! If it's on Futurama or another similarly rated show, it's fine.
Note: This is a livestock breeding SIM. Discussions of humane animal husbandry and meat production is allowed.
Result: Notice, warning, suspension, or ban (with or without warning).
Borderline content may be removed by staff, and a notice may or may not be given if the content is only borderline. More severe violation such as excessive swearing or obviously troubling content will result in a warning or suspension. Intentional, repeated, or more severe violation can result in a ban. with or without warning.

English Only
Severity: MILD
Explanation: Until we have bilingual staff, we can only allow English to be used in public areas of the site.
Note: You are welcome to speak any language over private messages, bearing in mind that staff will not be able to read them when looking into issues such as scamming. We recommend using English when doing any kind of deals with another player where a scam could potentially be pulled just in case staff intervention is needed. We cannot be responsible for it otherwise.
Result: Notice, warning, suspension, or ban.
Non-English discussions will be removed from the chat, forums, descriptions, etc. in any public place where it's found. A notice will be sent to the player. Intentional violation may result in warning, suspension, or a ban.

Offsite Links
Severity: MILD
Explanation: Leporidae is not responsible for off-site content. Once you click on a link that leaves the site, we cannot be held accountable for it. However, any dangerous off-site links found to be posted on Leporidae will be removed by staff. Do not post harmful links of any kind, or ones that give out personal information (such as real life rabbitry sites). Result: Notice, warning, suspension, or ban.
We do not remove off-site links unless they are known to be harmful or lead to personal information. Posting those kinds of links may result in a notice, warning, suspension, or ban.

Harassment/Discrimination/Hateful Behavior
Severity: EXTREME
Explanation: Attacks on other members, hate speech, discrimination, impersonation, or harassment will not be tolerated. If you have a bone to pick with someone, too bad. We don't tolerate harassment or insults towards other players.
If you can't say something nice, don't say anything. You are more than welcome to block players who you do not wish to engage with.
Result: Notice, warning, suspension, or ban.
Harassing or insulting other players can result in anything from a simple notice to a warning, suspension, or ban depending on intent, frequency, or severity.

Severity: EXTREME
Explanation: If you are selling services, both parties must follow through. Any other on-site transaction that relies on a player's word or honor must be kept. Staff will try to assist if anything goes wrong, but we can't always gaurentee success in correcting scammers, so make sure that everything is down in writing on the site. We can't be held responsible for any scamming activity that takes place offsite or involves transactions of an offsite currency (such as real money). Result: Warning, suspention, or ban (with or without warning).
A player found to be attempting to scam another may be warned, suspended, or banned depending on the severity or frequency of violations.

Promotion of Illegal Activity
Severity: EXTREME
Explanation: We do not allow promotion of illegal activity of any kind. Do not discuss illicit activities in a promotional way. This includes things such as pirating, fraud, and anything else illegal in real life. Result: Warning, suspension, or ban (with or without warning).
Any player found to be intentionally promoting illegal activity will be warned, suspended, or banned depending on the severity or frequency of violation.

Do Not Exploit Bugs
Severity: EXTREME
Explanation: Any exploitable bugs (such as ones that give you money, items, or other benefits) must be reported to staff immediately. Do not try to figure out the bug, even if you are unsure if it is a bug, it must be turned in without further investigation. Failure to report on time or exploitation of bugs is a serious offense. Result: Warning, suspension, or ban.
Failure to report a bug immediately or exploiting bugs can result in warnings, suspensions, or bans.

Do not try to get around being blocked.
Severity: MODERATE
Explanation: After a player blocks you, do not attempt to contact them via forums, chat, advertisement, or any other method. Result: Warning, suspension, or ban.
Attempting to contact a player who has blocked you will halted by staff and may result in warnings, suspension, or bans depending on severity.